Pitch Hit & Run Winners

Congratulations to the following winners in each age group:

Age 7/8

Pitch Champion: TIE: Paytland Schnell & Kandice Eiter

Hit Champion: N/A

Run Champion: Paytland Schnell

All-Around Champion: Paytland Schnell

Age 9/10

Pitch Champion: Tabitha Lopez

Hit Champion: Kaelee Kolden

Run Champion: Kaelee Kolden

All-Around Champion: Kaelee Kolden

Age 11/12

Pitch Champion: TIE: Alexi Williamson & Ashland Schnell

Hit Champion: Acacia Pecor

Run Champion: Kinsie Frank

All-Around Champion: Ashland Schnell

Age 13/14

Pitch Champion: Emma Aldrich

Hit Champion: Emma Aldrich

Run Champion: Harley See

All-Around Champion: Emma Aldrich

#softball #pitch #hit #run

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