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NEW! Competitive 14U Division

Welcome to KGSA Unlimited!

KGSA Unlimited is a highly competitive KGSA division for experienced 14U players. Players compete in weekly games while earning individual points toward championship prizes.

A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY. Experienced players in 8th grade have the unique opportunity to step up and stand out in the battle to be Champion.

SHORT SEASON. Five weeks of games – no weekends, no practices. Teams change weekly and every play is an opportunity to win.

REAL PRIZES. Players compete for both team and individual points to earn hundreds of dollars in weekly prizes and one grand prize for the final champion.

HOW WE SCORE. Based on the general format of Athletes Unlimited, players can earn point in the following categories: Win Points, Most Valuable Teammates, Standout Performances and Individual Stats.

WIN POINTS: Win points are all about team performance. They accumulate during both individual innings and overall game wins. Each inning is worth +10 points and overall games are worth +50 points. If an inning is tied, the points roll over to the subsequence inning.

GAME MOST VALUABLE TEAMMATE (MVT): After each game, players will vote for 2 teammates from their team who they feel were great that game – specifically in the areas of leadership, attitude, and effort. These points will be added to the player’s individual total. Points will be awarded as follows:

  1. MVT 1: +60 points

  2. MVT 2: +40 points

STANDOUT PERFORMANCES: After each game, head coaches will vote for 2 players who they feel had standout performances. Points will be awarded as follows:

  1. SP 1: +60 points

  2. SP 2: +40 points


  1. Single: +10 points

  2. Double: +20 points

  3. Triple: +30 points

  4. Home run: +40 points

  5. Base on balls or HBP: +8 points

  6. Sacrifice fly/bunt: +10 points

  7. RBI: +5 points

  8. Stolen base: +10 points

  9. Caught stealing: -10 points

  10. Strike out differential – Pitching: +10 points for +3 differential between K and BB/HBP

  11. Free-base differential – Pitching: -10 points for -3 differential between K and BB/HBP

During every game, players can earn points by performing as individuals and winning as a team. Every moment counts as players aim to climb the leaderboard to earn bonuses and become Champion.

To learn more or get signed up for the skills assessment, CLICK HERE.

Win prizes getting dirty!

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