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Thank you for volunteering to coach!


Thank you for your involvement!  You are really the backbone of the league - we can't make it happen without coaches and we are thankful for your time and enthusiasm. The girls will especially be thankful too.


6U: Jon Howerton - 208-699-0749 or

8U: Stephanie Morrison - 208-651-3351 or

10U: Gene Ciraulo - 408-568-8621 or

12U: Sara Masters - 208-210-9366 or

14U: Lori Thompson - 208-304-8651 or

Thank you for filling out the interest form!

The player agent for your division will be in touch to get you through the approval process. They will also be your contact throughout the season.

If you would like to get started, here are the things your player agent will need:

Thanks again!
Your KGSA Board


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