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One of the best confidence boosters you can give your daughter is allowing her to be the very best in her division. We know that girls advance at different rates and have different levels of experience. That's part of what makes the game so fun! If, however, you feel that your daughter would benefit from playing in a division other than her appropriate age division you may submit a petition to play up.

Please read the information below, print and complete the petition and bring it to the skills clinic in March.

Players petitioning to play in a different division are also required to participate in the skills assessment for both their assigned division and that for which they are petitioning.

  • All players are required to register for the division as determined by their birth date. Players are eligible to petition to play up to the next higher division.

  • All petitions will be reviewed by the division player agents for approval. The player agent’s evaluation will be made at time of draft.

  • Approval(s) will be made by the completion of the draft pool prior to the draft. There is no guarantee that approval to move up will be granted regardless of skill. KGSA discourages skipping a division.

  • At any level with a skills evaluation, players scoring in top tier of next age level may be contacted and/or asked to consider the next level up, depending on circumstances.

  • At age 10, player(s) may begin to petition to play up to 12U and be in the draft pool for 12U if they played 10U the prior year. Eligibility includes:

    • Player skills are comparable to the 11 & 12-year old(s).

    • Those approved 10-year old(s) not drafted at 12U become eligible for the 10U division player selection.

  • Eleven to 12-years old player(s) may petition to play up to Varsity and be in the draft pool for Varsity if the player agent feels that their skills are comparable to the 13 & 14-year old(s); and that the 11 to 12-year old may be a danger to the other players in the 10U division. Eligibility includes:

    • Player skills are comparable to the 13 & 14-year old(s)

    • Those approved 11 & 12-year old(s) not drafted at 14U become eligible for the 12U draft.

    • The draft pool(s) for each division and the potential approved candidates will be finalized prior to the draft start. The candidates in the petition to play up will not be notified until after the draft if they have been approved.


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