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To download and sign the Player Contract click here.
To download and sign the Parent/Spectator Contract click here.
  1. Players and parents understand their commitment to KGSA and will make KGSA practices and games top priority over select team practices and games. 

  2. All players, coaches, and parents are expected to support the purpose of KGSA.  This purpose is listed in the KGSA Bylaws.  It states: 
    KGSA exist to provide girls grades K through 9 the opportunity to participate in an organized competitive fast pitch softball program.
                The league will put strong emphasis on the following items:
                           1. Sportsmanship.
                           2. Learning to be a good winner as well as a good loser.
                           3.  Developing the skills necessary to participate in softball at a higher level.
                           4.  Developing a winning attitude.
                           5.  Teaching the value of being a team player.
                           6.  Maintaining an environment in which all players, coaches, umpires, and spectators can enjoy the game of                                       softball.

  3. The following are very important expectations that the board has of each participant to help the league live up to its stated purpose.
                A.  The league will:
                           1.  Provide all equipment for players.  Players may use their own equipment as long as it meets ASA regulation.
                           2.  Provide properly fitting uniforms that must be worn at all games.
                           3.  Do its best to provide proper training to coaches, umpires and players.
                           4.  Provide appropriate fields in good and safe condition to play on.
                B.  The board will:
                           1.  Establish policies to ensure the league is run as successfully as possible.
                           2. Support coaches, players, and parents in providing an appropriate experience for the girls.
                           3.  Be made aware of issues or problems brought to the division player agent even if it  has been resolved.
                C.  Parents will:
                           1.  Get their girls to practices and games on time and pick them up on time afterward.
                           2.  Demonstrate good sportsmanship with positive cheering for ALL participants.
                           3.  Support coaches and umpires in their efforts to do their best and to discuss issues as they come up at an
                                appropriate time and place. 

                           4.  Contact board members to assist in resolution of differences if needed.
                D.  Coaches will:
                            1.  Arrive at practices and games on time (even a little early), organized and with all the equipment.
                            2.  Treat each member of the team as an individual, remembering the large spread of emotional and physical
                                 development within the same age group.

                            3.  Lead by example, good sportsmanship to all players, opponents, umpires and parents.
                            4.  Remember that they are youth coaches, and that the game is for the girls and not adults.
                E.  Players will:
                            1.  Arrive at practices and games ready to do their best for their team.
                            2.  Demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off the field; particularly with positive cheering during the games.
                            3.  Wear their complete uniform to all games.
                            4.  Call the coach ahead of time if they cannot be at a game or practice.

  4. If issues or problems arise, those directly involved are encouraged to respectfully discuss the problem at an appropriate place and time.  Talking to others not directly involved is not productive.  The division player agent and/or the board may be called to assist in resolving the problem.

  5. On rare occasions, any personnel from any entity may be asked to alter their level of participation in the league if deemed necessary for the welfare of the girls.  This determination will be made by the board as a whole.


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