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Policies are updated when necessary. The last update was on January 22, 2024..

For a PDF of all KGSA Policies click here.


Kootenai Girls Softball Association (KGSA) is a volunteer-led organization in North Idaho  providing a fun and positive learning environment for players, coaches, parents, and umpires.  We are committed to teaching fundamental skills and knowledge of the game to equip the girls  in our local communities to keep advancing in competitive play. The league will put strong  emphasis on the following items: 

      a. Sportsmanship 

      b. Learning to be a good winner as well as a good loser 

      c. Developing the skills necessary to participate in softball at a higher level 

      d. Developing a winning attitude 

      e. Teaching the value of being a team player 

      f. Maintaining an environment in which all players, coaches, umpires, and spectators  can enjoy the game of softball 

KGSA will strive to provide the skills necessary for coaches, umpires, and players to progress  through the different levels of play by providing clinics and other training activities designed to  continually increase their skills and knowledge of the game. 


KGSA will partner with other organizations in the area to elevate the level of play on local teams.  We want North Idaho to become known for excellence in fastpitch through a community of  cooperation elevating girls to the next levels of softball. The future of KGSA will be our  daughters teaching the next generation the game of fastpitch.  





The league shall consist of 5 divisions: 

      a. 6U - for players aged 6 years and under as of the birth date cutoff. 

      b. 8U - for players aged 8 years and under as of the birth date cutoff. 

      c. 10U - for players aged 10 years and under as of the birth date cutoff. 

      d. Varsity - for players aged 14 years and under as of the birth date cutoff. 

      e. Unlimited - a highly competitive division for experienced 8th grade players. 3.2 SEASON 

1. The season consists of league play where each team will play each other team in their  division at least once and maybe more depending on the number of teams in that division. 

2. An “End of Season” tournament is held for Varsity, 10U, and 8U divisions. The tournament  typically begins Thursday or Friday and continues through Sunday when the championship  games are played. Awards are given to first and second place winners for the tournament in each division. 

3. The “6U Olympics” are for all players in the 6U division. Each girl competes in events related  to softball. Awards for first, second and third place are given to the winners of each event. 4. The “End of Season BBQ” is for all players, families, and friends. It is potluck-style, and the  league supplies hot dogs and hamburgers. 


1. (Unlimited, Varsity, and 10U) Finucane Park, on the corner of 4th St. and Prairie Ave. in  Hayden, ID. 

2. (8U and 6U) Dalton Elementary School, 6335 N. Mt. Carroll St., Dalton Gardens, ID. 3.4 GAME RESPONSIBILITIES (All Divisions) 

1. Fields must be vacated for use 1 hour prior to game time. Teams playing will be allowed to  warm up in the outfields and dugout side of chalk lines. 

2. Home team will be responsible for getting the field ready to play: 

       a. Prep, water, and rake the infield. 

       b. Set up bases. 

       c. Chalk the field. 

3. Visiting team will be responsible for care of the field after the game: 

       a. Water & rake the infield. 

       b. Rake and compact the pitcher’s mound and the batter’s boxes. (Very important because of the amount of rain we receive during the               season.) 

       c. Put the bases and equipment away. 

d. Make sure the equipment shed or boxes are locked. 

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