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PLEASE NOTE: The Board of Directors revisits this structure on an annual basis to see if there needs to be any updates, based on last season's feedback, before the beginning of the next season.


The focus in the 6U division is for 5-6 year old players to have fun! Coaches will introduce basic throwing, fielding, batting and base-running techniques. During games, all players on the team will have an opportunity to bat off of a tee and will be encouraged to play multiple positions defensively. We want the girls to fall in love with the game by making it a fun, active, team-centered experience.


In the 8U division players will be introduced to the game of fastpitch. Coaches will teach basic throwing, fielding, batting, base-running techniques. They will also teach the basics of fastpitch pitching. Players will have an opportunity to learn all skills and play multiple positions. During games, teams will bat through the lineup off of live pitching and coaches will teach players to lead off with each pitch. In the event of a walk, players will face coach-pitching as we develop the skills of young pitchers. Coaches will pitch from the top of the circle with a modified pitching motion simulating an actual fast pitch coming across the plate. As the girls are learning new defensive skills, base runners will be allowed to take one base on an infield hit or multiple bases on a hit to the outfield. This will be a fun league focused on fundamentals, learning to play hard and having a great time! Pitching distance will be 35 feet and 8U will use an 11" softy ball.


The focus of the 10U division is to expose players to all aspects of the game of fastpitch, preparing them for a competitive tournament season if they choose. Teams will play by ASA rules with two exceptions: runners will not be allowed to steal home and there will be a cap of 5 runs per inning in an effort to keep games moving. Coaches will continue to develop basic fundamentals while introducing more advanced throwing, fielding, batting and base-running techniques as well. Players who enjoy pitching will be encouraged to practice outside of regularly scheduled team activities. The league partners with experts in the community to provide clinics as well as group and private instruction for girls to continue to develop their skills. Players will continue to practice the skills necessary to play all defensive positions and will be encouraged to try multiple positions throughout the season. At this level girls will experience the fullness of the game and joy of competition. Pitching distance will be 35 feet and 10U will use an 11" normal ball.


The focus of the Varsity division is to teach and develop fundamental skills in all areas including more complex offensive and defensive play. This division includes players from 11-14 years old. Coaches will continue to encourage proper technique, sportsmanship and teamwork while playing with passion and a healthy competitive spirit. The KGSA season provides an opportunity for girls hone their skills while playing with different teams throughout the spring as they prepare for competitive tournament seasons. Pitching distance will be 40 feet and will use a 12" normal ball.

KGSA Unlimited

KGSA Unlimited is a unique opportunity for highly competitive 14U players who are in 8th grade. Players should have multiple years of softball experience and be proficient in all skill areas listed in the developmental structure. Teams change weekly and games will be highly competitive as players work to earn points for performance. The purpose of this division is to provide an exciting spring season for experienced 14U players where they can get good reps, play with different teammates from the community and have a great time doing it.  Coaches will continue to encourage proper technique, sportsmanship and teamwork while playing with passion and a healthy competitive spirit. Pitching distance will be 43 feet and use a 12" normal ball.


We acknowledge the challenge that exists between allowing batters the ability to learn batting skills, and the need for a pitcher the ability to discover her abilities to throw a strike. At the early developmental stages, batters simply won't get many strikes to swing at. We don't want to encourage batters to wait for a walk, and yet we don't want them swinging over their heads at every pitch developing bad habits needing to be broken later. Therefore, division specific rules exist to address this challenge.


The KGSA Board invests heavily in developmental opportunities for players who want to learn to pitch and practice through various pitching clinics. We encourage pitchers to take advantage of pitching clinics offered especially for 8U and 10U players.


  • Intro (Introduction) - This indicates that the skill should be introduced at that age group by approval of the division player agent.

  • Dev (Developmental) - At this stage the player should have already been introduced to the skill and is now working towards mastering the skill.

  • Comp (Competent) - At this stage the player should have a solid understanding of this skill.

  • Dev/Comp - For more advanced skills, players will grasp and understand the skill at different rates, so some girls will still be developing the skill while others may become quickly proficient.

  • See Rules of Play for detail in each division.


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